Fitting new Cricket Spikes has many benefits to your game and performance but choosing the correct thread pattern to match your shoes is a vital part of making this straight forward task as simple as possible.  The receptacle, brand of cricket shoes and existing thread pattern fitted into you shoe will all play a part in choosing the correct spikes for you.  Many shoe manufacturers tend to keep to one thread design and choice of cricket spike, usually a 6mm metal screw thread, however cricket shoes of a certain age may have a used a different thread pattern in prior years so be sure to check this prior to making your purchase.  You can also choose between the style and colour of cricket spikes that match you personal preferences.

Please note if you are unsure, a simple email with a picture attached for us to verify which thread pattern best suits your shoes is all it takes.  One of our experts will respond to you within 48hrs.  Please prove a picture of the thread and a contact number to ensure a speedy response.

Small Metal Thread

• Found in a wide range of shoes
• Threaded twist insertion
• Small Metal Thread cleats come in packs of 22 cleats