cricket spikes fitting guide

Fitting your Cricket Spikes – Our Cleat and spikes removal and installation guide below has step by step instructions to help make changing your cricket spikes safe, fast and easy to do. To ensure you choose the correct fitting visit thread patterns & styles although most cricket shoes are fitted with a 6mm metal screw thread.  Always ensure you use the correct fitting tool available from our online store.  If you are unsure about any part of carrying out the replacement of your existing spikes please send us an email using the contact page.  One of our experts is always on hand to assist you.



New Set of Cricket Spikes


Bench - Table - Flat Surface


Pro Wrench - Ripper or Multi Wrench


Stiff Brush


Microfiber Cloth & Shoe Polish


Soft Brush


Always wear appropriate safety wear and protective gloves if required

Carry out in spacious area

Ensure the Spike receptacle is completely clear of any debris - this is vital!

For easy removal ensure the wrench is securely in the insert holes on the spike

Always use a quality pro wrench

Ensure you have the correct thread pattern for your shoes - this is vital!

Take care not to damage your shoes!

Always follow safety guidelines

RECOMMENDED STEPS TO FOLLOW for cricket shoes 6mm metal thread


Maintenance of your cricket spikes


Clean your cricket spikes on a regular basis to ensure they last longer and continue to look smart and perform their best.


Always keep an eye on any excessive wear and replace worn cricket spikes to maintain consistency with the others.


Keep a close eye on the two small removal holes on your cricket spikes. If these wear out it will become more difficult to replace them when the time comes.